Exquisite and modern The Antares Floor Plans Design

The Antares Floor Plans Design

Comfortable and modern living space in The Antares Condo (Matta Road Condo) is one of reason why attracts many buyers. The condo floor plans comprised 250 units with 4 units type such as: 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and The Antares is the ideal home to show your personal lifestyle and taste. All of the units have a various practical unit layout that will meet your demands.

All floor plans designed by reputable institutes as well as invested following the latest modern apartment models:

  • Architect : Consortium 168 Architects Pte Ltd
  • Structure Engineer: KCL Consultants Pte Ltd
  • M&E Engineer United Project: Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Absolutely unit layout of the Antares condo

    Specially, The greatness in each space of the units bring to life's resident easiness. Discover details in the architect of penthouses consisted modern equipment, luxury interiors design, absolutely unit layout etc.

    Buying a new house or a condo is one of the important decisions, so we should insightly to choices. Finding the right home comes down to more than just the price tag. It’s about the liveability factor of your new house, too.

    What is especially remarkable about the Antares property?

    Luxury Interior Design of The Antares

    Luxury Interior Design of the Antares

    Living room of units is surrounded by elegant and modern interior, in the exclusive luxury residential development. The designers became inspired by convenient and aesthetic values, from that bringing to usefulness for your family members. To be able to enjoy the ideal living space together.

    Bedroom has beautiful view, outlooking the cool fresh, peaceful. Full light through the window gives the room a warmth when necessary. Fully equipped with bed and furniture

    The Kitchen decorated with the most convenient and delicate equipment. Total of units have well - planed cooking places to advantages of cleaning house. Orderly in the space helpful you clearing quick, do not much waste time.

    Make you live in beauty by the great combination of The Antares FSKH Development paint and furniture.

    Excellent unit layout

    The Antares Matta Road many different layouts for your consideration. suitable for all daily activities from cooking, sleeping, recreation, personal or general activities in your house. Furthermore, spacious space for both children and the elderly.

    Each balcony of units is large enough for you can plant some trees, flowers as well as placing one tea table to enjoy fresh air at sunset or sunrise.

    Position of the unit rooms is perfectly sorted basing on understanding and caring of the residents' lives


    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require detailed information on the unit. A full Floor Plans of The Antares project is also available upon request.